Three Steps to Stop Porch Piracy

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With online shopping on the rise, package pilfering is on the rise.

But, there’s an easy way to keep your goodies out of the hands of porch pirates.

Modern home security systems that include doorbell cameras and smart locks help you see and secure your deliveries in seconds, any time and from anywhere. Here’s how to stop package theft in its tracks:

Step #1: Verify Your Visitor

When your delivery driver rings your doorbell camera to let you know that your package has arrived, it will trigger an alert on your smartphone. Open up your EG Secure & Alarm.com app for a live video view of the driver. You can even tap the microphone button to say hello.

Step #2: Direct Your Delivery

If you’re home but can’t get to the door, you can ask the driver to leave your package outside of your front door or in another location for you to pick up when they leave. 

If you’re out and about, you can ask the driver to leave the package inside of your home. With the EG Secure & Alarm.com app, you can unlock your door and disarm your security system right from your doorbell camera feed.

Step #3: Secure Your Door

Once your packages are safely inside, your door is closed, and the delivery driver is on their way, use your EG Secure & Alarm.com app to lock up. You can also re-arm your security system to ensure that your home continues to stay professionally protected.

Preventing package theft is easy with EG Secure & Alarm.com technology. If your home already has smart technology, talk to your service provider about adding a doorbell camera and a smart lock to your system today.

Don’t have smart home security yet? We can help. Click here.

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